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Travelling in Ardèche: Largentière

I love to go to places that are off the beaten track and are not on necessarily on the usual list of “best places to visit in France”; not because they aren’t worthwhile, but perhaps they are small or very local. The Ardèche is one of these places that seems to be one of the lesser known areas, but “off the beaten track” doesn’t mean that the area isn’t popular, particularly during the summer! Still, it won’t feel crowded and you can enjoy wandering around the small, winding streets.

The Ardèche is in the region of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. It has a wild, rustic feeling, with hills of pines and chestnut trees, and low valleys with beautiful villages of stone. In the 1960’s, it became a popular destination for hippies, who settled there and never left. Many of them started goat farms and produce cheese from their milk.


The famous Deux-Chevaux! Isn’t this a cute one?[/caption]

After a long, hot August day, walking for miles exploring the neighboring villages, dining at La Calèche was a welcome treat. It’s family friendly, and inside there is even a “coin pour les enfants”, or “children’s corner” for kids to play.

La Calèche

Many restaurants often have kid’s menu nowadays, and they usually offer a “steak haché” (hamburger), or pasta. Apparently, La Calèche is known for its hamburgers, and it looked like they had some variety to choose from. We opted for the excellent prix fixe menu, though!

“Someone” was very happy with her kid’s dessert of chocolate fondue!

Typical menu

The terrace at La Calèche

We loved sitting outside on a warm summer evening, but the inside also got quite crowded, and you can see how beautiful and cozy it is.

It’s cozy inside La Calèche!


Finally, I’m going to leave you with what is my perfect way to end an evening: Brazilian music in France!  (I love Brazilian music – and yes, that is our daughter.)  🙂ère-1.m4v