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Travelling in Ardèche: Sanilhac

Sanilhac in the Ardèche is what we’d call “in the boonies”. It has a population of about 300 people and the setting is just beautiful. We stayed at La Bastide de Sanilhac and it was beautifully renovated, relaxing, and it had a delicious breakfast with some of the best croissants we’ve ever had! (My French husband can even attest to that one.) It’s maybe a 15-minute drive to get there from Largentiere, and very scenic. We did take a wrong turn when we first tried to find it, but some friendly construction workers pointed us in the right direction. My advice would definitely be to drive there during the day when finding it for the first time! The road is small and windy, and there are no street lights – beware of wild boars! We drove home from dinner on night and had to stop for a family of furry boars crossing the road.



I booked in April for our stay in August and most places were already booked. We were lucky to get a room which was on the top floor, and newly renovated. While it lacked any large picture windows, it did have skylights which opened and we could actually look out of them. It was light and spacious, like a loft space, and it had air conditioning! I cannot imagine doing without it there.

Isn’t this a beautiful and relaxing view? This photo was taken from the large terrace, where everyone sat in the morning with their breakfast.

I hope that you enjoyed this little glimpse into the Ardèche region! Have you ever travelled to this part of France?