About me


I’m Gwyneth, the human being behind Chez Perrier. Do I have anything to do with the famous Perrier water? I wish! No, it’s actually my French husband’s family name, plain and simple.

I decided to create this blog for those of us who love to travel, particularly to France, and are curious about the culture, or who just enjoy looking at photos of France.

Because my husband’s family is based on the border of the departments of Loire (not to be confused with the Loire Valley) and Ardèche, my focus has been mainly here, as well as the villages and towns around the A7 autoroute.
I’ve been focused on showing you photos and stories about places we’ve traveled to in France but we will be moving there and once we settle in next year, I will also focus on life in France as an expat.

So, let’s just have fun and travel together on these pages!